Today, We Need You – Our Biggest CHAMPIONS!

As we approach the end of 2015, we are reaching out to YOU, our strongest advocates, to ask for help. During the month of September, we are inviting you to join our CHAMPIONSTEAM! Becoming a member means you have made a commitment to become a Champion for children afflicted by Nodding Syndrome in Uganda.

As you know, we invest very highly into our children through our special needs education program. This program provides medical care, scholastic work, music and art therapy, and overall physical needs to each child in our care. Children, who once were forgotten, are now back in mainstream school with greatly reduced seizures – and have been given hope.

During the last 20 days of September, we are seeking 20 individuals to join our CHAMPIONS TEAM with a monthly commitment of $25 or more. You will have the special privilege of hearing directly from our kids through recent, first-hand accounts of their experiences at Hope for Humans and how your generosity has changed their life.

Thank you for considering this monthly commitment. We can’t do this important work without you!

Suzanne Gazda, M.D.

Founder and CEO of HOPE FOR HUMANS

12010731_1055638147802578_3171166580291042786_o  CHAMPIONS are a passionate group of people who want to join our children in their fight against Nodding Syndrome. With their ongoing support and powerful voices, Champions are committing to their belief that no child with Nodding Syndrome should be forgotten.

Click the link below to learn more –

Please like, comment and share to support children with NS and our Champions!


See a YouTube video from 3 years ago! Hope for Humans has made such progress since this video. Join us!

Apwoyo matek!
Thank you so much!

Christine Henderson


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